Benefits of Drone Roof Inspection

Getting your home inspected is all part of the buying and selling process. It is in place to keep everyone involved in the deal honest and protected. A major part of the home inspection process includes the roof. It can be difficult to see everything and get a good picture of what the overall condition of the roof is like, especially if the roof is made of slate or another material that can break under pressure and if the roof is steep or hard to access. Regardless of the shape, complexity, or size of the roof, a drone can record the details of a roof in as much close up detail as the human eye could capture.

Using a Drone to Inspect a Roof Saves Time

There is no longer any need to set up all the ladders, scaffolding or other equipment needed to physically get on the roof for a roof inspection. Roof inspections can literally be done in a fraction of the time that traditional roof inspections can be accomplished.

Safety is Key with Drone Inspections

Any time you are getting on top of a roof, there is a risk of falling. For their own safety and the safety of the roof, inspectors usually complete roof inspection from the ground with binoculars and by going into the attic, or by climbing a ladder to the eaves. These methods are useful to detect a number of problems, but being able to view the whole roof up close with a drone is invaluable. A drone can allow you to see problems with a roof that an inspection from the ground or a ladder never would, such as lifting shingles or bent flashing.

You know you are getting the whole picture when you choose me for your roof inspection using a drone. Call me today!